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Building A World-Class City

We are working continuously to improve our city. We are building a sustainable community, while preserving our unique history for future generations.

Providing a vehicle for partners to support innovative initiatives that improve the quality of life for all Las Vegas residents.

We are a world-leader in sustainability. We want to ensure that current and future generations have a vibrant city to live, work and play in

The Courtyard Homeless Resource Center is creating a one-stop-shop for our homeless population to connect with services and break the cycle of living on the streets.

The future of medicine in Las Vegas is being charted in the Las Vegas Medical District. We are progressive, proven and healing.

We are a city by design. View the city’s long range planning documents including the Vision 2045 Downtown Master Plan and more.

We have created a hub for incubation of new technologies in downtown. Autonomous vehicles, public safety and smart city technologies are all being piloted in our city.

We are building strong futures for our students as we provide learning beyond the bell, before- and after-school. We also provide Strong start learning center offering Pre-K education, the Batteries Includes Teen Council program and more.

Las Vegas Is A Great Place To Do Business

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