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Marijuana Licensing Information

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Marijuana Establishment Information
Marijuana Social Use Venues

Marijuana Social Use Venues

Until state law allows, Social Use Venues are not currently legal in Nevada.
Compliance Permit

Compliance Permit


Pursuant to Las Vegas Municipal Code 6.95.040 and 6.95.050, marijuana establishments (medical or recreational) require a compliance permit before applying for a business license. The application window for compliance permits for retail marijuana stores opened December 13, 2018 and will remain open through 2020 in separate application periods. If you have a State conditional license from the Department of Taxation for a marijuana establishment call 702-229-1840 to schedule an appointment and specify which application period you are applying for. Applications will be accepted only during one of the application periods listed below and only by appointment.

  • Period 27 - 08/25 - 09/10 (Closing by 3pm on the last day)
  • Period 28 - 09/14 - 09/30 (Closing by 3pm on the last day)
  • Period 29 - 10/1- 10/20 (Closing by 3pm on the last day)
  • Period 30 - 10/21 - 11/09 (Closing by 3pm on the last day)
  • Period 31 - 11/10 - 12/1 (Closing by 3pm on the last day)
  • Period 32 - 12/02 - 12/21 (Closing by 3pm on the last day)

You may apply for your Special Use permit at any time.  You will be required to submit an application for a pre-application conference.  Click here to submit that request.

CLICK HERE for the compliance permit check list.  If you have any questions, please email MME@lasvegasnevada.gov.

* A compliance permit application will not be accepted until you have submitted your special use permit application.



We are accepting city-based business license applications for marijuana establishments that have:

  • State approval from the Nevada Department of Taxation
  • A valid special use permit from the Planning Department
  • An approved compliance permit from business licensing

Any marijuana production or cultivation establishment that provides services to a city based marijuana establishment (medical or retail) will be required to apply for a business license and await City Council approval. See checklist, Outside city of Las Vegas Limits Production and Cultivation Establishment Checklist.

Support Businesses

Support Businesses

A marijuana support business, medical or retail, is one that provides goods or services to a marijuana establishment and receives at least fifty percent (50%) of its annual revenue from licensed marijuana establishments. Marijuana establishments include cultivation, production, dispensing and laboratory facilities. Businesses that qualify as a marijuana distributor transportation contractor are not considered retail marijuana support businesses. Find more information here, Medical Marijuana Support Business
Building Guidelines

Building Guidelines

Any building, facility space or similar location that requires any construction, modifications or similar work that is associated with a proposed Marijuana Cultivation (Grow), Production, or Dispensing facility shall obtain the appropriate construction permits for such work. All submittals shall be prepared by a licensed State of Nevada architect or design professional or other approved contractor(s) and shall be in compliance with city of Las Vegas Standards. For more information click here.
Application Forms & Info

Application Forms & Info

We are accepting business license applications for Marijuana Establishments that have received a approval from the Nevada Department of Taxation and have received an approved compliance permit from the City Council. Labs were not included in the compliance permit process and will need to follow the Independent Testing Lab checklist below. In addition, any marijuana production or marijuana cultivation establishment providing services inside the city of Las Vegas’ jurisdiction but based outside our jurisdiction must also be licensed. 


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