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Accounting Procedures Adult Nightclub Establishment Without Alcohol PL052 Affidavit of Support PL223 Alcohol - Change of Location Checklist PL002 Alcohol License Information PL231 Alcohol PL002 Alcoholic Beverage Tasting Permit PL108 Appeal of Work Card Denial Application PL123 Complimentary Alcoholic Beverage Permit (Part 1) Complimentary Alcoholic Beverage Permit (Part 2) Auction Auctioneer PL053 Auction Permit Application PL070 Bond (Surety) – Medical Marijuana Establishment Business Financial Questionnaire Business License Application BL001 Business License Civil Hearing Procedures Cinema General Information PL237 Civil Citation Discovery Process Form ENF105 Civil Fine Reduction Request Form ENF104 Close A Business Complaint Form Credit Card Authorization BL003 Cultivation Medical Marijuana Compliance Permit MM001 Dispensary Medical Marijuana Compliance Permit MM002 Drug Acknowledgement PL108 Electronic Security Services Addendum PL058 Electronic Security Services PL054 Employee Listing PL202 Entertainment Verification Form PL203 Environmental Plan Requirements for Medical Marijuana Establishments Erotic Dance Establishment Without Alcohol PL055 Erotic Dance Establishment Without Alcohol PL055 Escort Bureau Checklist PL056 Financial Questionnaire PL124 Gaming Nonrestricted PL031 Gaming Restricted PL030 Gaming Slot Route Operator PL032 Gift Form BL200 Hearing Officer Request Form ENF100 Hearing Request Instructions ENF103 How To Get a Special Use Permit How To Get a Special Use Permit - VIDEO Ice Cream Truck PL050 Ice Cream Truck Renewal Affidavit & Toy Addendum PL100 Independent Massage Therapist Key Employee PL110 LVMP Authorization to Release Form PL200 Licensing a Home-Based Business Information Locksmith Checklist PL059 Lodging Addendum BL020 MJBL Supplemental Application GL013 MJBL Transfer of Primary Jurisdiction GL012 Marijuana Establishment Addendum Marijuana Establishment License Acknowledgement Marijuana Establishment Owner/Key Employee Form Marijuana Establishments Checklist Martial Arts PL060 Massage Establishment Manager/Key Informational Requirements PL047 Massage Establishment PL040 Medical District - Fee Waiver Application Medical Marijuana Establishment Employee and Volunteer Listing Medical Marijuana Establishment Key Employee Checklist Instructions Medical Marijuana Establishment Surveillance Integration Letter Medical/Retail Marijuana Establishment Compliance Permit Checklist Mobile Car Wash / Auto Detail General Information BL254 Mobile Food Vendor General Information BL026 Nightclub General Information PL238 No One Under 18 Allowed In This Area (English 8.5 x 11) No One Under 18 Permitted (English 8.5 x 11) No One Under 21 Allowed At Bar (English 8.5 x 11) No One Under 21 Allowed Beyond This Point (English 8.5 x 11) Non-Operational Liquor License – For Sale List Non-Profit General On-Sale Sign-In Log Guidelines PL234 Origination Fee Waving Application (Restaurant Services & Bar) Outcall Entertainment PL062 Outside City of Las Vegas Production and Cultivation Establishment Checklist MM009 Package Off Sale Notice (English 8.5 x 11) Package Off Sale Notice (English and Spanish 4 x 6) Package Off Sale Notice (Spanish 8.5 x 11) Pawnbroker PL063 Payment Instructions ENF102 Pedicab and Pedalbus Business General Information Permanent Trade Show Exhibitor Alcoholic Beverage Permit PL071 Personal History Form (Computer Fillable Version) PL125 Personal History Questionnaire Form Principal Waiver General Guidelines Production Medical Marijuana Compliance Permit MM003 Proper Disposal of Medical Marijuana Psychic Arts PL064 Reflexology / Massage Establishment Register PL044 Reflexology Establishment Manager Key Requirements PL045 Reflexology Establishment PL041 Register of Professionals BL252 Responsible Party Acknowledgement Notice PL233 Responsible Party Module Secondhand Dealer General Information Secondhand Dealer PL066 Short Term / Vacation Residential Rental Affidavit Short Term / Vacation Residential Rental General Information Smoke Shop/Smoke Lounge PL126 Supplemental Application for Adult Nightclub Establishments PL120 Supplemental Application for Erotic Dance Establishments PL121 Supplemental Personal Information PL122 Tavern Limited PL020 Teenage Dance Hall PL067 Temporary License Request PL200 Transfer of Business License PL201 Waiver Request due to Previous Suitability Form PL225 Waste Manifest Requirement Wastewater Profile BL010 Wedding Chapel PL068